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Job Opportunities

All Job Opportunitiy inquires must go through GBSD Human Resources. We ask that you do NOT send application materials or contact the schools or principals directly.

We are now using Frontline Recruiting and Hiring for all of our postings and applications.  Use the link below to get to the Recruiting and Hring website.

Go to to complete an application.

Applicants(internal and out-of-district) are required to apply online using the Gresham-Barlow School District online application system.

Information that may be helpful:

1.  Gresham-Barlow School District will take classified applications at any time.  

2.  If you are not successful getting into Recruiting and Hiring, we suggest that you try to get in through using another browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

3.  All facts and information on applications and supporting documents must be true and complete to the best of your knowledge. Falsification, misrepresentation and omission, as well as any misleading statements or omissions, will be cause for denial of employment or immediate termination, regardless of when or how discovered.

For further questions regarding classified openings, interest in classified substituting (educational assistant and/or secretarial) or if you would like to be considered for one of the postings below, please call or e-mail Jen Alvarado at 503-261-4561 For questions regarding licensed postings, please contact Lynnette Udenby,