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Behavior-Social Team (BST)


The purpose of the Behavior-Social Team is to support the integration of students with significant behavior and/or social needs into our school classrooms where students learn to demonstrate respectful interactions, emotional regulation and cooperative peer interactions*.

The team is comprised of licensed** and classified professionals who collaborate with staff regarding concerns and supports for significant student behavior and provide related services, progress monitoring and consultation services for students who are eligible for special education.

The BST also provides support to students in the  form of teacher trainings, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)/ Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) development , and classroom and routine structures.  The BST provides skills training for students across educational disability categories. These supports are designed to be short-term interventions to facilitate the student’s success in their current educational settings.

* Study skills, organizational skills, task completion and minimal behavior needs will be supported by special education teachers at the campus level and not the behavior support team.

**The team currently has four Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), three special educators, three Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) and two Educational Assistants (EA). 

Additional services will be provided on a tiered basis dependent on student need. Possible services may include any of the following:

  • Consultation around behavior and autism
  • Group instruction
  • Individual coaching
  • Evaluations (Functional Behavioral Assessments)


The IEP team will determine the level of support needed based on the intensity of behavior or social skill need exhibited at school.


Students with minimal behavior/social needs that require additional support beyond campus level special education teachers. The BST will consult with the building case manager to support the implementation of IEP accommodations,  classroom routines/systems, sensory and visual supports, social skills, goals,  classroom and non-academic structures and positive reinforcement plans.


In addition to the support listed in Level 1, students with behavior or social needs warranting additional intervention per their IEP will receive small group instruction from the BST.


Students at this level are in need of further accommodations and increased individualized support. They might receive direct coaching and/or small group instruction. In addition, teachers of these students will receive classroom training, as well as support around IEP recommendations.


Students with escalating behavior and in need of evaluation to develop support and intervention will be supported by the BST team, who will lead the development of FBAs and BIPS, and assist case managers in monitoring student progress to identify changes in behavior.

Staff Directory

Behavior Social Team

Anna Hood, Behavior Coach

Matt Coleman, Behavior Coach

Heather Burdette, Behavior Coach

Amanda Jones, Behavior Coach, BCBA

Rich Davis, Behavior Coach

Evayn Hall, Behavior Coach, BCBA

Kara Benfit, Behavior Coach, BCBA