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Learning Essentials (LE) Program


The Gresham-Barlow School District offers classrooms in the Learning Essentials Program for students in grades K-12. The classrooms are located in various schools throughout the district. The program is available for students with individualized Education Plans (IEP) and are eligible to receive services through this program. The Learning Essentials Program supports students working toward independence and helps develop the skills needed to be successful in their daily lives. The program model is considered to be “self-contained” with the goal of increasing inclusive opportunities for students in the general education setting.


Students in the Learning Essentials Program learn to be independent with skills such as academics, communication, positive behaviors and social interactions, motor skills and daily living skills including hygiene and grooming. Students at the secondary level will learn vocational, employment or job skills and skills to participate in the community. 

The Learning Essentials Program also serves students with disabilities who may need nursing care.


Learning Essentials is a highly-structured specialized program for students with significant developmental needs in the areas of functional communication, behavior, functional academics, independence and self-care, pre-vocational skills and life skills.  This program utilizes a modified curriculum to support the functional academic and adaptive skills of students.

The program fosters growth with significant adult support through individualized instruction and strategies such as:

  • Focus on modified curriculum, functional life skills, social and behavioral skills, adaptive skills and communication
  • Functional applied academics
  • Functional daily routines - assisting in eating, toileting and hygiene
  • Communication and social skills development
  • Community and classroom instruction
  • Direct and/or indirect nursing support as needed and delivered in the classroom setting
  • Discrete trial training/pivotal response training
  • Life and leisure skills development and support
  • Motor skills development
  • Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
  • Reduced instructional pace
  • Sensory opportunities and considerations
  • Structured classroom setting - predictable schedules, consistent expectations
  • Support of physical and medical health care needs
  • Visuals for task completion and reinforcement

Levels Of Support

In order to meet the individualized needs of students, the District will offer two levels of LE Programs.
The IEP team will determine the level of support needed based on the intensity of student need.

LEVEL 1:  Learning Essentials 1 (LE1) PROGRAM

The LE1 Program  will support students who have a  need for modified academics and targeted life skills instruction with moderate adult support that is beyond what can be provided in a resource or general education classroom alone.

LEVEL 2:  Learning Essentials 2 (LE2) PROGRAM

In addition to the support listed in Level 1, instruction in the LE2 program will focus on functional academics based on essentialization of standards and will include significant life skills instruction with high levels of adult support.