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PASS Program

Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) Program


The PASS program serves students who have specific behavioral needs that warrant specialized instruction and support. The program is designed to assist students in gaining the skills they need to successfully and actively engage in the academic process in the least restrictive environment. The focus is on teaching students the skills necessary to regulate and self-monitor their behavior and prosocial development.


PASS provides behavior education services to students with escalated emotional and/or behavioral needs. These services are primarily provided in the general education classroom. PASS is founded on the belief that youth benefit academically and behaviorally from participating in the general classroom experiences and activities with their age-appropriate, non-disabled peers.

With ongoing support of a PASS staff member, each student in the PASS program learns, practices and implements individualized strategies in order to address targeted behavior concerns. The program is implemented in four phases or tiers:

Phase 1: Pre-placement Less intensive interventions have occurred in the past and have been unsuccessful for behavior change.  The IEP team determines placement in PASS program.

Phase 2: Orientation Instruction is provided on classroom expectations, reinforcement systems, and social skills needed in the regular classroom.

Phase 3: Inclusion and Maintenance Behavioral monitoring and coaching occur for students in the regular classroom.

Phase 4: Aftercare Initial supports and reinforcements are gradually faded out.  At this phase, the students may begin transitioning back to their neighborhood school.

Students receive continuous  feedback on their targeted goals across learning environments in an effort to help them gradually learn to internalize and self-manage their own behavior without the need for adult intervention (see Phase 4 above).  


The instructional emphasis for students receiving services through the PASS program is on helping them learn positive social, emotional and behavioral skills that will help them achieve success in the general education classroom.

Skills targeted in the PASS program may include:

  • Social awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self Management
  • Self Awareness
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Problem solving