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ALP Student Levels

In general, ALP Level 100 students require a high level of supervision and support from staff for safety and access to opportunities.

ALP Level 200 students are ready for more independence and need minimal support from staff.  

Students may participate in both levels depending on their needs.  Our program is fluid, individualized and based on students' goals and developmental level. 

ALP Level 100

Work Experience: 

Students will begin with career and job exploration following a structured process:

  • Improve interview skills & complete an informational interview

  • When appropriate, do a job shadow

  • Attend internship and apply all employability skills while on the site

  • ALP provides on-site job coaching with an educational assistant


Examples of Level 100 classes:

  • Daily Living - hygiene, creating community, recreation & leisure, cooking, cleaning, and time and money management.

  • Basic Finance -budgeting, paying bills, wants vs needs

  • Employability - resumes, job applications, interview skills, workplace problem solving

  • Social Communication - interpersonal skills, friends, workplace etiquette, etc.

  • Mobility - navigating public transportation


ALP Level 200

Contains  components of ALP Level 100 and may add the following (determined by IEP Team and student choice)

Level 200 is geared towards development of independent TriMet travel with the potential for students to live, work, and access the community on their own. 

Work Experience: 

Students will begin with career exploration and Plan B job exploration. Each student is expected to go through the following steps.

  • Learn how to secure an internship
  • Complete an informational interview
  •  Participate in a job shadow
  • Attend internship and apply all employability skills while on the site


Examples of Level 200 classes:

  • Finance - basic functional “Money Math” skills for independence such as budgeting, saving, paying bills, taxes, credit, banking, estimating.
  • Driver’s Manual education - preparing to obtain a Learner's Permit, studying the Oregon Driver’s manual and how to access accommodations at the DMV
  • Cooking - following recipes,  kitchen safety, meal planning, preparing and cleaning up for a meal, healthy options 
  • Independent Living  living on one’s own, shopping, cleaning, hygiene, bus travel, healthy choices, healthy relationships, community safety, etc.