PTC Information

  • PTC Board 2019-2020

    President: Amy Foglio

    Secretary: Robyn Vandandaigue

    Volunteer Coordinators:  Heather Deveney/Nicole Grimes

    Treasurer:  Trisha Knobbs

    Secretary of Deposits:  Whitney Ziemak


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    PTC Questions and Answers
    What does PTC stand for and what do they do?
    PTC stands for (West Gresham Grade School) Parent Teacher Club. The PTC is a non-profit corporation with the following objectives:

    • To bring into closer association the home and the school, for the best possible harmony between parents, teachers, and administrators.
    • To promote the maximum gain from mental, physical, and social education for every student at West Gresham Grade School.
    • To encourage maximum participation of parents or guardians in the education process of the students of West Gresham Grade School.
    • To manage and maintain a written record of funds acquired as profit from various activities sponsored by PTC or from other sources.
    • To maintain a written record of PTC meetings.

    Who are the officers of the PTC?
    There is a President who is in charge of meetings. A Vice-President (or co-President) who steps in for the President if need be. The Secretary, who is in charge of keeping the minutes of the meetings. The Treasurer who is responsible for keeping track of the monies and funds of the PTC. These positions are filled from PTC members in the June elections for the following year.

    Are there other positions? Who are the members?
    Yes. There is a Volunteer Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing the current staff of volunteers and for recruiting new volunteers. And there is a DAC (District Advisory Committee) representative who attends the monthly DAC meeting. There are many other volunteer (Carnival, Book Faire, etc…) positions. You are always welcomed to be involved in one or more of these activities.  All parents and/or guardians of West Gresham Grade School students will be eligible for membership and will be considered members of PTC while their children are enrolled at West Gresham Grade School. All teachers and administrators will be eligible for membership and will be considered members of PTC while employed at West Gresham Grade School.

    When are the meetings? How long are they? Is there childcare?
    The meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of every month starting at 6:30 PM. The meetings usually run 1 to 1.5 hours, but can go 2 hours depending on the amount of items to cover.   
    YES! The PTC provides free childcare.

    What happens at the meetings? 
    There is an agenda set to cover a variety of past, current and future topics. The basic agenda will include reviewing the previous meeting notes, the current financial situation, a report from the principal and an introduction of staff members. There will be a place for reviewing old business as well as an area to discuss any new business that may be coming up.

    How are the meetings run? Who can participate?
    The meeting is run under Roberts Rules of Orders. Motions can be made by any PTC member and need to be seconded to allow for discussion. After discussion the motion is voted on. As noted above, as a parent and/or guardian of a student at West or a teacher you have a right to make a motion, second it and to vote on it! We ask that all members respect everyone’s right to an opinion and to allow for that opinion to be voiced during the meetings.

    What sorts of topics are discussed?  Can anyone bring a topic up for discussion?
    The topics range from concerns or issues that are happening at West, to the need for the next volunteer or fundraising activity, to talking about future actions that may not only effect West but the entire school district. Also on occasion there is a guest speaker on a topic that is of interest.   Yes! As a member of the PTC you have the right to discuss matters that involve your children, the school, the teachers and the administrators. This is a place for an open forum, as long as the matter is pertinent.

    Why should I attend?
    As a parent, guardian, teacher or administrator at West Gresham, it only works if everyone is involved. These meetings are important to allow for communication to happen. It is also a place to learn how you can participate and help at West. West Gresham has one of the highest numbers of volunteer hours of a school its size and it does make a difference. It also makes a difference in your children’s lives by becoming involved in their school.

    I have more questions, who can I ask?
    You can contact the school office, the principal or the current PTC officers.