English Language Arts Department


    We will be offering Advanced Placement starting in the year 2021-22 school year. 
    Students will be able to take AP courses in ELA beginning their junior year and senior year. 
    Website for more information on AP can be found here: https://ap.collegeboard.org/ 

English Staff Information

English Course Information

  • Core Classes

    • English 1-2
    • Honors English 1-2
    • English 3-4
    • Honors English 3-4
    • IB Langauge and Literature SL1
    • IB Literature HL1
    • IB Langauge and Literature SL2
    • IB Literature HL2
    • Senior English Essential Skills



    • Journalism 1-2
    • Newspaper
    • Theory of Knowledge
    • Yearbook