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    How To Be Successful In Math

    • Attend nearly every class session and when absent, seek ways to learn the material covered in class.
    • Conscientiously prepare work assigned for class.
    • Learn from mistakes made on assignments.  Seek help from the teacher, peers, and/or the math lab.
    • Set aside time necessary to be successful.
    • Study for exams by reviewing notes and assignments.  Do extra problems in the book for concepts you feel you need more practice with.
    • Pay attention to detail.  Showing all steps vertically will help you avoid notational errors, e.g., accidentally changing digits, dropping or altering algebra symbols, leaving off negative signs, etc.
    • Create a peer support network.  Exchange phone numbers so that you can call each other to discuss any problems you are having with an assignment.
    • Bring your materials to class.  This includes your notebook, paper, assignments, textbook, a pencil, and a calculator - preferably a graphing calculator.