🎯 Physical Education & Health Department Mission

  • Health and PE classes emphasize healthy living through positive lifestyle decisions, physical activity, fitness, competition and social development. The PE program aids student development through regular physical activity. These activities are aimed at physical skill attainment, physical fitness, social skill development and the knowledge and understanding of how all of these relate to a healthy lifestyle. The Health courses emphasize healthy living concepts, health-related skills and a critical examination of various lifestyle decisions and their consequences.


🍎 PE & Health Department

  • Adam Meyer

  • Chris Koenig

  • Connor Yegge

  • Lucy Gilges

  • Mike Molony

  • Tim Mowery

📚 Course Catalog

  • Adaptive PE

  • Aquatics

  • Freshman PE Class of 2024 Options (Rec Basketball, Rec Soccer, Yoga & Aquatics)

  • Girls Strength and Conditioning

  • Health 1 Freshman

  • Health 2 Sophomore

  • Recreational Basketball

  • Recreational Soccer

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Walking for Fitness

  • Yoga/Core Fitness

📑 PE & Health Course Information

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