Gresham High School Child Development Center

  • Teen Parenting Program

    Program Coordinator: Julianne Standish        
    Serving Infants (6wks. to 18 mths); Toddlers (18 mths to 35 mths); and Preschoolers (3 yrs to 5 yrs)

    Certified through State of Oregon
    Oregon Employment Department, Child Care Division
    Certification # CC501348

    Full Time Childcare:
    Open to GBSD staff.  Full time care provided.
    Part Time Pre School: 
    Open to community. 2 days per week, 4 hours per day.

    Gresham High Child Development Center Philosophy

    Staff at the Gresham High Child Development Center want all children to feel confident and secure enough to explore and grow in a stimulating educational and social environment. 

    We provide the chance for all children to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills from infancy. 

    We believe it is important to allow all children to plan, prepare, and think about their learning and their ideas. 

    We recognize the role of play in the development of all children:  play allows them to be curious, creative, inventive, and imaginative. 

    We take pride that our structured environment encourages emotional well-being, socialization, communication, cognitive process, and gives opportunities for motor skill development through various developmental activities while using daily routines.  

    The development and training of Center staff is a continuous process which includes attending workshops, classes, and through frequent discussions.  Your child is our focus!

    Gresham High Teen Parent Program
    The Gresham High School Teen Parent Program provides an essential service to pregnant and parenting students. The program is based on the premise that teen parents will be more successful in school if they can access quality childcare on-site and participate in classes that enhance their understanding of age-appropriate parenting skills.

    The Child Development Center provides teen parents, and other students, experiential learning opportunities that emphasize positive care giving and parenting skills for infants, toddlers, and preschool age children.

    Since it’s inception in 1997, almost 200 teen parents have been encouraged to utilize CDC child care services and participate in the Teen Parenting Seminar and Teen Parent Supervision classes. The teen parents must enter into a contract to maintain 80% overall attendance and make academic progress in order to receive services and cost-free childcare for their child.


    1. To provide services and community connections which promote graduation for pregnant/parenting teens.
    2. To provide a school-based contact and support system for pregnant/parenting teens in a traditional high school setting.
    3. To provide instruction as it relates to parenting skills, life skills, child development and supervised childcare training.
    4. To provide consistent support and ongoing case management services for pregnant/parenting teens that must balance their personal and educational responsibilities.
    5. To provide high quality childcare services for teen parents, including age appropriate activities and experiences.
    6. To support each students’ transition to post-secondary education or other post-high school preparatory programs.

    We are proud partners with Mt Hood Community College's Early Head Start program.  All teen parents enrolled in the Program will be automatically enrolled in MHCC's Early Head Start Program also and will receive all those services through the school Center.

    Observation Preschool (part-time for community members)

    Gresham High School runs a preschool program within the Child Development Center.  This preschool prides itself on being an educational hands-on program.  We attempt to prepare children to go on to be successful in Kindergarten programs. Children enrolled must be three (by September 1) to five years old.  They must be completely potty-trained, and able to take care of personal hygiene tasks.  Children must also have all current immunizations.  Enrollment is first-come, first-served; please complete an application and mail, drop off, or email it.

    Each week in preschool we have a theme.  All activities we do are related directly to that theme.  We have a structured daily schedule that includes ample time for children to make choices about their playtime and several opportunities for small group and large group activities.  We have two short and one longer circle times per day.  Children are encouraged to play in any of the following areas during “Choice Time”:

                    Explore (math and science), Book Corner, Creative, Sensory,
                    Playdough, Painting, Craft, Blocks, Learning, and Homeliving.

    The children also play outside, weather permitting, and are able to utilize the main building’s gym and larger areas.

    Enrollment is up to 17 preschoolers per group.  The preschool is supervised by Mrs. Standish and an experienced preschool teacher, as well as up to 15 high school students helping with the children.  There are two groups per session.  Some children attend on Mondays and Thursdays, while other children attend on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Children in their last year of preschool may enroll in all four days.   Once a child is enrolled, there is an enrollment fee (due with enrollment papers) plus the session tuition fee (due on first day of preschool.