Any Questions? Contact Sean Taylor at 503-943-0246 or


    Summer 2019 

    Free Swim 5-7 pm

    M,T,W,Th (Aug 19-29)

    Fall 2019

    Morning Lap Swim 6-7 am

    M,W,F (Starting September 4)


    World Safe Swimming

    Registration begins August 19th 5 pm at Gresham Pool. Registration will run along side the corresponding Free Swim dates (August 19th -29th M,T,W,Th from 5-7pm)

    For any Questions or concerns please contact Sean Taylor at 503-943-0246 or

    Lessons from 5-5:30 pm or 5:30-6 pm every Monday and Wednesday.

    Children in WSS will learn safety around the water and will also learn how to swim. Sign up for one of our four programs:

    (Children Between the Ages 3-5)
    Toddlers: For children with no expeince with the water

    (Children Between the Ages 6-18)
    Dry Heads: For children who are fearful, or are uncomfortable going under the water.
    Wet Heads: For children who are comfortable under the water, and can swim a little.
    Swimmers: For children who can comfortably swim  across the deep end turning stomach to back. 



    Year Round Programs:

    Pool Rentals on Weekends

    • $105 for 90 min in the pool and 30 min for cake and presents
    • $60 for 60 min of swimming

    To Schedule:

    Private lessons 

    • Available upon request all year long
    • Preschool lessons cost $15 for a 30 minute lesson
    • School-age lessons cost $20 for 40 minutes
    • Contact Sean Taylor at (503) 943-0246 for scheduling or more information

    Semi-Private Lessons

    • Available for groups of 2-3 children
    • Contact Sean Taylor at (503) 943-0246 for scheduling or more information


    • $10/student for a 30 minute lesson
    • $15/student for a 40 minute lesson

    Maverick Aquatics

    • The team competes through the United States Swimming Program
    • Many levels, locations, and times are offered
    • Look up or call Sean at 503-943-0246 for more information

    Maverick Aquatics Swim Team Website  

    Gresham High School Aquatic Sports: