• OST are activities provided after school in which students can participate. Staff at Deep Creek-Damascus K-8 School provides the instruction and supervision. Activities run in sessions, usually one session per trimester. Students must complete an OST registration form to participate. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Students will not be allowed to sign-up for any OST activity until they have paid for all previous OST Activities the student previously attended as well as the current activity. Students will not be allowed to attend the winter social if they have outstanding fees. If this presents a financial hardship for you, please contact the school counselor.

    Current Activities:  

    Homework Club (grades 5-8)

    Girls Basketball (grades 6-8)

    GeoBee (grades 4-8)

    Battle of the Books (grades 3-5)

    Yoga (grades 3-5 AND grades 6-8)

    Game Time (grades 1-4)

    Tag, You're It! (grades 1-5) 

    Mr. McLaughlin
    OST Coordinator:
    Mr. McLaughlin

    Mr. McLaughlin organizes OST activities. If you have a talent, topic, etc., that you would like to share with students, please contact Mr. McLaughlin. Deep Creek-Damascus K-8 School would like to offer as many options for our students as possible and would welcome people that would like to share their skills with kids. A small stipend is offered for sessions taught.