Health and Physical Education

  • The Health and Physical Education Department 

    Each student at Sam Barlow High School is required for graduation, to successfully complete 2 credits of Heath and Physical Education. Enrolling in and successfully completing Personal development 1, 2, 3, and 4, fulfills this requirement. In Personal Development, students will participate in health and fitness activities. With the Personal Development courses students will be given the opportunity to complete the Career Related Learning Standards required for graduation as well. Career Related Learning documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

    Students may enroll in one of the many elective Physical Education classes offered each semester. Students can choose between courses that emphaize individual and team sports as well as aquatics, weight lifiting and activities that promote fitness for a lifetime.

    CRLE Documents (all documents are pdf format)

                 PD2 - Resume Template
                  PD2 - CRLE Form
                  PD3 - CRLE Form
                  PD3 - Job Shadow Thank You Letter Instructions and Sample 
                  PD4 - CRLE Form
                  PD4 - CRLE Scoring Rubric