Language Arts

  • Language Arts Department Philosophy:

    The ability to read and write fluently is the key to academic success. This is one reason why all students must complete 4 credits of English to graduate from Sam Barlow High School. We offer many courses to meet the needs of our population, including courses in which students can earn college credit.

    In addition to required English classes, we offer a variety of elective Language Arts classes each semester. Students can choose classes for an outlet to their creative side or the first steps towards a career in journalism, communication, or performing arts.

    Language Arts Courses:

    • AP Literature
    • AP Lang. & Comp.
    • College Prep (Reading 117, Writing 115)
    • English 1-2
    • English 3-4
    • English 5-6
    • English 7-8
    • Honors English 1-2
    • Honors English 3-4
    • Writing 121, 122

    Language Arts Elective Courses:

    • Creative Writing
    • Film as Literature
    • Intro to Journalism
    • Bruin Banner