Student Management

  • Student Parking Passes

    In order to park at Sam Barlow High School, students must purchase a parking pass. For detailed information on parking at Sam Barlow, please review the Parking Pass Informational Letter. The cost of a parking pass will be $30.00 for a Main Lot pass and $25.00 for an Annex Lot pass. All parking passes will be sold based on the following criteria:


    To purchase a parking pass, students must meet the following criteria:


    • You must be a Junior or Senior

    • Attended at least 85% of the days during the second semester of the 2021-22 school year

    • Have a valid Oregon Drivers License

    • Have current car insurance

    • Completed the Parking Pass Application. The application must be printed and completed prior to purchase. If you need a copy, please stop by the main office between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

    Off Campus Pass 

    Sam Barlow High School is a closed campus that does not permit students to leave in vehicles or on foot during the day. Exceptions to this are made for: students who have late arrival/early release, students whose
    schedule requires them to travel to another school location (i.e., CAL), or students who have checked out for an appointment may leave as required. All other students leaving campus must have an Off Campus Pass.


    If you are a Junior or Senior, and would like to travel off campus during lunch, you must qualify and complete the application listed below. 


    Off Campus Pass Qualifications*
    • You are a Junior or Senior
    • 2.0 GPA minimum
    • No pattern of unexcused absences and have an attendance rate higher than 85%
    • No Drug or Alcohol violations, within the last or current school year
    • No serious driving violations
    • Signed parent permission form
    * Appeals to the above conditions, may be requested in writing to the student’s Assistant Principal. Students who do not qualify may reapply at the end of each


    Off Campus Pass Application 2022-2023



    Listed below are resource PDF files for our students and families:

    Parent/Student Rights & Responsibilities - English

    Derechos y Responsabilidades para Padres y Estudiantes

    Handheld Electronics Policy