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    Health Resources from Barlow's School Nurse

    School Nurse:  Miriam Ward  503-258-4866
    Health Room Assistant:  Kim Delacruz
    Note: These email addresses are not considered to be medically secure, so sending details about a person's health information could become a HIPAA (privacy) issue. For specific issues about an individual, please call or speak directly with the nurse.

    Information about Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance Oregon Health Oregon Health

    Affordable Care Act (ACA, or "Obama Care") Explained Video Link
    The video (it's about ten minutes long) walks you through how the ACA is designed, who it helps, who it doesn't, and the options that exist. This is relevant not only for students, but also for their families and friends. The video is a little dated, but it works well as a basic primer (plus it's a cartoon!).