Selection and Admission Process

  • Current Eighth Graders:

    • NOW – Applications for the following school year are available.
    • February 10/11 - Recruitment Assemblies in the middle schools.
    • February 13 - Student/Parent Information Night 6:00-7:00pm.
    • February 24 - Application due to Middle School Counselor to complete counselor portion of application
    • February 28 - Application due to SPringwater by 3pm.  If you turned application into your counselor they will forward it to STHS.
    • March 2 - March 20 Student/Parent/STHS Interview
    • Week of March 30 - Eligibile applications enter in lottery for available seats.
    • April 3 - Applicants and counselors notified of status of enrollment for the next school year.
    • April 10 - New student confirmations due
    • April 21 - 8th Grade Welcome Night for new Titans 6:00-7:00pm

    Interested 8th grade students should get an application from their middle school counselor, complete the application and essays, and return the application to the middle school counselor who will attach attendance, behavior and grades.  
    To download an Admission Form, click here
    Admission Form (Spanish)
    Admission Form (Russian)

    Current High School students:
    Students already enrolled in either Barlow or Gresham High School will be considered on the following timeline:

    • NOW– Applications for the next year are available.
    • February 13 - Student/Parent Information Night 6:00 - 7:00pm
    • Admission is a rolling admission on a first come first serve basis. Usually, there is a wait list. Once we receive the application, that student will go on the wait list. Once the student’s name comes up, STHS will call the student for an interview.

    Application Process:

    1. Pick up an application from your counselor or download from this website.  
    2. To download an Admission Form click here                                                                                             
    3. Admission Form (Spanish)
    4. Complete application and essays, return to your counselor for the transcript, behavior summary and attendance summary.
    5. Applications will be reviewed by the counseling department at your home school and recommended students will be forwarded to Springwater Trail High School for further consideration.
    6. An interview will be scheduled with the student, parent and STHS principal or counselor.
    7. Finalists will be entered into the lottery for available seats.
    8. STHS will notify student/parent/home school of acceptance. If the number of eligible students is more than the number of available slots (which is almost always the case), the remaining students will be placed on a waiting list in the order determined by the lottery should additional spaces open.

    Directions for Completing the Essays:
    As part of the application process, the student must include three half-page essays. If accommodations are needed to write the essays, please notify your school counselor and/or the special education department at your school. The directions for each essay are listed below:

    1. A half page autobiography to include places you have lived, important people and events that have shaped your values and attitudes, and a description of your best/worst personality traits.
    2. A half page description of your school experiences to include schools you have attended, your favorite subject/teacher, skills you most want to improve, and why you want to attend Springwater Trail High School.
    3. A half page statement about your future plans after high school, including where you would like to be living, the kind of education/training you would like to have, and the kind of work you want to be doing.

    Student:  Give the application form and completed essays to your counselor when completed.