Wildcats Athletics Overview and Expectations


    We at Clear Creek consider athletics an important student experience. We know that athletics can have positive effects on school performance, promotes physical development and fitness. We are happy to see that you are interested in participating in a CCMS sport this session. Our hope is that all student-athletes have a positive and fun experience during their time participating in sports. Please read through the following information.

    School Behavior:

    • Student athletes should show appropriate behavior at school.
    • Student athletes must not have referrals during the season
    • Student athletes must not have more than 2 Rule Schools during the season.
    • Student athletes must not have Wednesday School during the season.
    • Student athletes must not have any suspensions during the season.


    • Student athletes must have a passing grade ("D" or above) in his/her core classes.


    • Student athletes must have a 90% or better attendance rate during the season.
    • Student athletes must attend practice every day when they are in school in order to participate in games/meets.
    • Student athletes who do not attend school during the day or are suspended may not participate/compete that evening.


    • Student athletes are expected to display good sportsmanship both on and off the court/mat/field. Any display of poor sportsmanship towards anyone will result in the student-athlete writing a letter of apology and possible suspension from future games/meets.
    • Parents and guardians are also expected to role model appropriate behavior and sportsmanship at all games/meets. If a spectator is being disruptive or disrespectful, he/she will be asked to leave.
    • Student athletes may receive school consequences as well for their behavior if it is a violation of school rules.

     All students interested in participating in sports activities must have a sports physical, all registration forms turned in and athletic fees paid before they can start practicing. The SUN activity bus will be available for students to ride home after practices.

     *Sports physicals expire after 2 years and must be renewed.  Athletic fees may apply during the 2022-23 school year. 

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