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    Welcome to SUN!


    What is SUN?
    The SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) program builds student success and strengthens communities by expanding school based services to include academic enrichment, recreation, and health and social services for students, parents, and neighborhood residents.

    What Does SUN Do?
    SUN offers programs for students, families, and community members before and after regular school hours that focus on the community's academic, recreational, and enrichment needs. Specifically, SUN:

    •     Transforms the school into a community center by developing extended-day programs and on site social and health services.
    •     Supports academic achievement through extended-day enrichment.
    •     Provides a safe, supportive place for kids to be before and after school.

    Currently, thousands of students, families, and community members in 80 schools throughout Multnomah County participate in recreation activities, get homework help, meet with mentors, strengthen their connection with friends and neighbors, and gain access to health and social services through SUN.

    SUN at Hall Elementary School
    Hall Elementary SUN Community School, supported and run by El Programa Hispano Catolico, is a place where students find academic support, arts enrichment, skill-building opportunities, and recreational classes after school at no cost. Registration forms are sent home with students a few weeks prior to the beginning of the SUN term. Activities are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, with some exceptions (teacher referrals) and space is limited- please don't delay with registration. If you are interested in learning more about the SUN program or want to volunteer please contact us. 

    Hall SUN Office: 971-293-8314 call or text

    Stefany Avila
    SUN Site Manager