Hollydale Site Council

  • Hollydale Site Council is a committee made up of our principal, specialists, teachers, classified staff, and Hollydale parents who facilitate the school improvement process and implement plans for staff's professional growth, including allocating grant monies and school improvement resources.

    Our Site Council also serves as our Title I Planning Team and meets the third Thursday of each month at 3:15 PM. 

    If you have any questions, please call 503-661-6226, or email Debra James.

    Our Site Council members this year are: 

    Debra James, Principal
    Debi Corbett-Osborn, Specialist
    David Breese, Teacher
    Deanna Yucho, Teacher
    Julie Frediani
    , Teacher
    Shannon Murdock, Teacher
    Linda Klobas, Classified
    Jenni Jones, Classified
    Kim Hunt, Parent