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    Reading Logs

    Homework Plan: In order to enhance our students' learning, the staff at Hollydale has developed the following homework plan. Homework may include, but is not limited to the areas of
    math, reading, writing, science and social studies.

    The purpose of homework is to practice and reinforce lessons taught during the school day, to foster family communication and involvement, and to build each student's independence and creativity.

    General Guideline:
    Homework will be assigned 4 nights per week, with 3 nights free in order to allow flexibility for family schedules.
    The exception to the 4-night limit would be if a student has makeup work to complete. Students will be accountable
    to the teacher for completing homework assignments, obtaining any make-up work as a result of absences,
    and in return will receive acknowledgement for their work. This feedback could be oral or written, to include individual, group and/or whole class discussion, allowing for specific comments, encouragement,
    and remedies for particular problem areas.

    Reading Homework:
    The standard for reading homework assignments is listed by grade as follows:

    • Grades K-1: Students will read at least 15 minutes per night, at least 4 nights per week.
    • Grades 2-5: Students will read at least 20 minutes per night, at least 4 nights per week.

    Teachers will provide support in the form of appropriate reading materials for at-home reading assignments;
    these may be assigned from the reading literature or may be in the form of "choice" reading. The teacher will also provide a weekly Home Reading Log which parents are asked to initial
    as verification that this homework assignment was completed.

    Math Homework:
    Students will receive math homework each week. This homework will be in the form of work
    relevant to classroom instruction or school-wide problem-solving challenges.
    The standard math assignment is listed by grade as follows:

    • Kindergarten: Students will complete at least 1 math homework assignment per week.
    • Grades 2-5: Students will complete at least 2 math homework assignments per week.

    Support at Home: Parents can best support their children by:

    • providing a quiet, comfortable, well-lighted study area
    • having needed supplies available
    • supporting their child's homework efforts
    • listening to their child read
    • signing the Home Reading Log
    • reviewing their child's homework assignments for completion
    • communicating regularly with their child's teacher(s)