Parent Resources

  • We hope the information you find here on this page and the pages listed in the sidebar will help you learn more about the district and its schools.  Click on the different topic links to obtain specific information related to registration and enrollment, transportation, school transfers, and other student and parent resources. 

Who to Contact

  • Julie Evans - Director of Elementary Education
    Jade Joseph - Administrative Assistant to Julie Evans
    Contact Elementary Education: 503-261-4575

    Teresa Ketelsen - Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Education
    Pat Hartsock - Administrative Assistant to Teresa Ketelsen 
    Contact the Deputy Superintendent: 503-261-4577

    Jodi Larsen - Teaching and Learning Project Coordinator
    Contact the Department of Teaching & Learning: 503-261-4597

    Connections Coordinator - Reconnecting Youth

    Contact:  Alayna Windham, M.Ed.
    Phone: 503-258-4858 (SBHS) or 971-229-5575 (GHS)

    In our ongoing effort to support students and their families, our Connections Coordinator will provide assistance before and during an alternative placement for students who have not been in school, not attending regularly, and/or are having difficulty being successful.  Contact her directly or through your school counselor.