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Library Policies

Please check with the Library Media Assistant regarding any changes in the listed policies and procedures for variations per school.

Checkout Policy for Grades K-8

Amount of Materials Allowed Per Student with a 7-day Loan Period:

**All books are renewable two times, except for the first month of newly released titles.

1 book: Kindergarten through 2nd grade                         

2 books: 3rd-5th grades

3 books: 6th-8th grades

Return Policy for Elementary Schools

Students will return their book(s) in the classroom designated return bin prior to the library visit per teacher instructions. Students will bring the bin to the library at the start of the day on the classes’ library day or the day prior to the scheduled library visit.

Students are not allowed to check out new books unless they return books they checked out from the previous week(s).

For grades 3-5, students may check out 1 book if they return 1 book and 2 books if they return 2 books.


At the start of each school year, students with overdue/lost/damaged materials from previous school years will skip the 1st library checkout with their class. During that 1st week, students will:

  • take home an overdue/lost/damaged book fine report for parents/guardians.
  • have a conversation with the Library Media Assistant about the importance of returning public materials.

 **If students return the overdue books or pay a lost or damaged book fine, checkout will resume per normal.

**If students do not return overdue books or pay a lost/damaged book fine, students will be allowed to check out 1 book during the 2nd week of library checkout with lost/damaged book fines remain on their accounts. They will be allowed a new book each week if they return the newly checked out book from that academic school year. Once a student reaches a total of 5 unpaid lost/damaged books or reaches an amount of $50.00 during their overall time at their school (whichever occurs first) they will not be allowed a new book until charges are paid or books are returned.

**For students who reach this limit of 5 lost/damaged books or $50.00 but need a book for classroom use, teachers may send a note with the student or talk with the Library Media Assistant for this accommodation. Teachers will be in charge of monitoring classroom-only use of the library materials.

Overdue Books

If students do not return or renew their books, students will be told in the library that their book(s) are overdue. They will be told the titles and how much the books will cost to replace if they are not returned.

Notices will be sent periodically for overdue, lost or damaged books. Overdue slips for all students will be printed for conferences to be included with report cards.

Note: Replacement books will not be accepted in lieu of the money due for the actual book students checked out from the library. Many of our library books are special library bound copies to withstand the wear and tear of multiple uses.


If a lost book is paid for and found before the end of the current school year, a refund will be issued by the office after the book is returned and deemed undamaged.

Student Transfers within or out of GBSD

The office will notify the library when they learn of a student transfer either to another school in GBSD or out of GBSD. The library staff will:

  1. Seek support from the classroom teacher/office to retrieve the materials.
  2. Send a letter or email to the new school on record with payment information and the book/materials will be marked as lost in the library system.