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Library eBooks and Databases

To login to MackinVia:

1.) Select your school from the drop down menu.  

2.) Enter User ID: this is your school Google login (NOT your entire email address - only the portion before the @ symbol).

3.) Enter your Google Password.

4.) Open or Check out the eBook you want to use. You do not need to check out a book to read it.

5.) When you have finished with an eBook or audiobook that you have checked out, log in to your MackinVia account and return the resource so the next person can use it. All checkouts end after 14 days unless you renew them through your MackinVia account.

If you are on a desktop computer or laptop, you can use the eBook or audiobook directly online. To use and download eBooks to use your own eReader, smartphone or tablet, download the MackinVia eReader app. This app is free with no in-app purchases available. To find and download the correct eReader App for your device, click on this link:

With this app, you can log-in to your MackinVia account and read, checkout and download eBooks following the log-in process shown above. When connected to MackinVia, you can browse our electronic collection, preview eBooks and audiobooks, and manage your MackinVia account. 

Accessing OSLIS Gale Databases through MackinVia

You can also remotely access our school's Gale Research databases (Gale PowerSearch, Kids Infobits, National Geographic for Kids, Opposing Viewpoints, US History in Context, GREENR ...etc...) through the same MackinVia system with your school Google login and passwords. Links to individual Gale databases are included in our MackinVia collection.