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Bus Snow Routes


IMPORTANT: Snow route times (for both pick up and drop off) can vary each day based on weather conditions. If the District implements snow routes, they will remain in effect for the entire day, both AM and PM.

Most bus routes operate with the same pick up and drop off points when operating in snow conditions, but some routes will be altered due to difficult or unsafe driving conditions.

Snow routes are detailed (by school) in the links posted on the right side of this webpage. You can select your school snow route information and review bus snow routes to determine if your student's normal pick up or drop off point has been changed. If you are not sure what bus route number your student is assigned to, you can look the information up using our VersaTrans eLink online bus information system.

If you are still having difficulty determining your student's bus route, please contact First Student Transportation at (503) 665-8193.

Please select your student's school to the right to view snow route information.