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  • Fall Athletics Clearance and Practice Info

    Athletics Fall Dates

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  • New Student Registration

    A student is considered a new student if he or she was not enrolled in Sam Barlow High School on the last day of prior school year, or the student was enrolled at Gordon Russell, Deep Creek / Damascus or West Orient middle school at the end of 2018-2019 school year and currently lives in SBHS boundaries.

    To enroll a new student for the 2019-2020 school year please fill out a registration packet, obtain a current utility bill, and current immunizations. If you are an incoming 10th -12th grader you will need a copy of your last high school transcript.

    You can drop the packet and needed documentation off at the SBHS temporary office located in the portable behind Springwater Trail High School, 1440 SE Fleming, Gresham, OR between June 17 and August 9. Beginning August 20th, you can drop the packet off in the new Sam Barlow High main office.

    When the counseling secretary returns in August, she will review the documents and call you to make an enrollment appointment (if needed) on the enrollment dates of Aug. 19-21.

    Please contact Kerry Smith starting August 12th at 503 258-4870, or email smith8@gresham.k12.or.us.  Enrollment forms are available at the Sam Barlow High School temporary office located in the portable by Springwater Trail High School, or on the Sam Barlow High School Counseling webpage.

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  • This event has been canceled due to construction. We apologize for the inconvenience, but look forward to seeing your 9th grade student on September 3rd.

    Incoming 9th Grade Summer Academy

    Greetings families of incoming 9th graders! Gresham-Barlow School District is pleased to offer a free two-day opportunity for 9th graders to explore their campus, get to know other students and teachers, and learn about everything from credits to classes, athletics to activities. Please see the attached flyer and click the registration link on the rocket ship. If you need assistance, please contact the school where your student will be attending in the fall and let them know you have questions about 9th grade Summer Academy. 


    Sam Barlow High School: 503-258-4850

    Springwater Trail High School: 503-261-4600

    Gresham High School: 503-674-5500

    9th Grade Summer Academy Flyer 

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  • Barlow Summer Sports Camps

    Look at Barlow's Athletics Page for information and sign up forms for all of our summer camps.

    Summer Camp Info Updated

    Click here for a PDF of the SBHS Summer Camps 2019 Info

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  • School District to survey families

    Research part of school boundary review process

    Learn more here

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  • Join the conversation!

    Every voice matters at Sam Barlow High School

    Let's Talk!

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  • Pay Fees Online in the Bruin WebStore!Bruin WebStore Graphic

    You may pay athletics fees, activities fees,

    course fees, camp fees, and even purchase items

    or make a donation toward a program online! 


    Follow this link: Barlow WebStore

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  • Receive School Reminders/Updates via Text Message!

    Sign up to receive messages from your child's school and GBSD!

    Learn more here

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  • ASPIRE Volunteers

    ASPIRE is a program that connects community volunteers with students to both mentor and assist them in choosing post high school options as well as completing applications for college and scholarships. Our ASPIRE Program has been instrumental in helping students succeed after high school by showing them the various options available to them.  We are looking for more volunteers to become part of the ASPIRE Program and help in our College and Career Center. For more information, view this Video Clip. If you are interested, please contact Patty Neuenschwander in the College and Career Center at 503.258.4890.

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  • Student of the Month

    As part of our student recognition program we send PRIDE Notes (a post card) home to students who have demonstrated Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Each month we then compile a list of students, by grade level, and generate a ballot for staff to vote both a male and female student to become a Student of the Month. In order to spotlight our best and brightest, students receive a certificate, their picture is hung in a main hall for the month, and they get a PRIDE T-shirt.

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District News

Principal's Message

Mr. Schmidt



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Schmidt

Dear Barlow Community,

For the past 22 years I have had the pleasure of working with students as an educator. During this time, I have been a science teacher, a technology teacher, a coach, and an administrator. Through my time in the Gresham Barlow School District I have worked at both Sam Barlow High School and at Gordon Russell Middle School. In each school I have learned some very different skills and walked away from each building with some life long lessons.

The first lesson I have learned is that regardless of where you are, a major component to school success is based on the community that supports a school. Whether that is a parent group, an athletic team, an academic department, or a group of high-energy students, community is what drives a school. Yes it is important that we provide a curriculum that pushes our kids to excel in academic areas, but it is more important that we structure our school in a way that builds a community of high expectations for all. For if we do this, and we support kids, there is no ceiling for what our students will accomplish.

The second lesson I have learned is that kids don't really care how much you know, until they know how much you care. It is our job as a school to build a community where there are no invisible kids and each student knows that they are important. There must be a place where every student feels safe, has an adult to talk to, and knows that they can reach out to a mentor at any given time. When we establish a culture such as this, students feel free to explore, stretch themselves academically, and are willing to help one another accomplished goals.

The third and final lesson I have learned is that education is a process. With that in mind, it is our job to provide students with an environment that works through developmental stages over a four-years so they can gain the skills needed to graduate from high school. That means we must support them academically, provide a safe environment for social interactions, and teach behavior expectations so all students can grow and learn while at Barlow. We must understand that a fourteen-year-old freshman boy is going to learn a little different than a senior girl. We must understand that a sophomore girl is going to face challenges that a sophomore boy will be clueless about. Through this process, we need to rely upon the relationships we have formed with our students to guide them on this journey, all the while pushing them to exceed their own personal expectations.

As I think about this upcoming school year I can't convey in words how honored I am to serve as your principal and lead Sam Barlow High School. It is a great school, a great staff, and a great community that deserves the very best. While I will never claim to know it all, I will always work my hardest to provide the best experience I can for you and your students.

Bruce C. Schmidt, Jr.
Sam Barlow High School