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  • The Board Report is the Gresham-Barlow School District's summary of regular school board meetings.

    In the Board Report, you will find the superintendent's monthly report on the school district, a summary of action taken by the district's board of directors, and information about individuals honored by the school board.

    The Board Report is published after every regular school board meeting.

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    Gresham-Barlow School District-Electronic Summary of Board Action


    Meeting of October 1, 2020


    Board Members Present: Chair Blake Petersen, Kris Howatt, Matt O’Connell, Carla Piluso, Mayra Gómez, Amanda Orozco-Beach, and Robyn Stowers



    The school board adopted a resolution designating October as Principals Month. The resolution acknowledged the contribution principals make to a strong local school system. October has been designated as Principals Month nationally and is made possible by the efforts of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the American Federation of School Administrators, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  

    View the Resolution


    Citizens’ Requests of the Board

    There were no citizens’ requests of the board.


    Superintendent’s Report

    Superintendent Perera expressed her appreciation to our principals for all they do and especially for the additional responsibilities principals have taken on during the COVID-19 public health emergency. She shared that schools could not maintain the safety and health of our learning environments without their leadership. October is "Principals Month" in the Gresham-Barlow School District. 

    Assistant Superintendent Riggs shared that the District is in its second week of eGBSD, its comprehensive distance learning program. The District is currently monitoring the three metrics that must be met and maintained to reopen schools. In preparation, the District is putting together its operational plan in place for the return of in-person instruction through a hybrid model.

    Additional highlights from Riggs’ overview:

    • The District is working to finalize how fall diagnostics should occur in a distance learning environment. The results of the diagnostics will be used to guide instruction.
    • Work is underway to align partnership agreements so this type of collaboration is used effectively during distance learning.
    • The District distributed 9,200 devices to students as a part of eGBSD and more than 200 hotspots.
    • Training of staff in the use of Canvas, the district’s new learning platform, is underway.


    Action Items

    APPROVED, adopting the District’s report on physical restraints and seclusions for the 2019-20 school year

    As required by state law, each summer the district reviews, analyzes, and makes public reporting of the number of physical restraints and seclusions. Note: This item was originally in the consent agenda.

    View the physical restraints and seclusions report



    Enrollment Update

    Executive Director of K-12 Instruction John Koch presented an update on the current enrollment numbers for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. The report provided to the school board is different from past years because we are only in the second week of school. A class size analysis will be provided to the school board at a future meeting. Figures show at this point, enrollment is down as compared to last year.

    View the enrollment report


    Return to Learn Metrics Update

    Executive Director of K-12 Instruction John Koch presented a brief update on the current metric levels that the county and state must meet and maintain in order to reopen schools. Currently, we are not meeting the metrics. You can view the reopening metrics dashboard at the link below.  

    View the GBSD school reopening metrics dashboard


    Information Items

    Financial Update

    Chief Finance Officer Jordan Ely reported that as of August 31, both revenues and expenditures are trending unfavorably. These are very early projections and are not an immediate cause for concern. However, there are items that will need to be monitored carefully as the year progresses. 

    Regarding revenue, the significant factors creating an unfavorable condition are the lack of fees, gate admissions, and facilities rentals, along with meager investment returns. In all, revenue projections are trending under budget by just over $900 thousand. Regarding expenditures, the only concerning line item is “Charter School Payments,” currently on trend to exceed budget by nearly $1.5 million. These payments are based on the number of students served by our charter schools, which has increased this year, based on initial enrollment figures.  

    While these numbers are not favorable, they are based on very preliminary information and also utilize linear regression, which is a methodology that relies on consistent behavior against prior periods and/or predictability. First quarter performance this year has not been consistent with prior years, nor is it predictable. A clearer enrollment picture will be available after October 1 counts, and a clearer revenue picture will be available after November property tax collections statewide.

    View monthly financial report


    Upcoming meetings

    NOTE: During the school closures and COVID-19 Pandemic, board meetings will be held virtually unless otherwise noted. Meeting links will be sent out with the public meeting notices and posted on the board webpage.


    October 15, 2020

    Board Work Session

    6 pm


    November 5, 2020

    Board Work Session

    6 pm


    November 5, 2020

    Regular Board Meeting

    7 pm


    Can’t Attend Board Meetings?

    You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on the GBSD Website. Look for the link on the homepage in the District News section!

    You can also watch regular school board meetings LIVE on Comcast cable channel 27 and Frontier cable channel 35. MetroEast Community Media replays the board meeting at the following times:


    Second Showing-Monday at 7 p.m.

    Third Showing-The following Thursday at 4 p.m.


    If you live in Damascus-

    Board meetings are shown on Willamette Falls TV for patrons in the Damascus area. They are scheduled for cablecast on channel 23 every Saturday at 1 p.m.