• IEP Specialist Team (IST)

    The IEP Specialist Team (IST) is made up of special education teachers. The IST supports school based teams by scheduling and facilitating IEPs for students as assigned.  The individuals on the team are responsible for coordination, planning and preparation of IEP documents and processes related to initial and annual IEPs; including scheduling and conducting IEP meetings. In addition, the IST works cooperatively with administrators, the Behavior & Social Team, the Assessment and Evaluation Team, and campus staff in order to ensure our district is providing the most appropriate programs for students with disabilities.



    • Schedule and facilitate specific IEP meetings
    • Consult and assist staff with IEP preparation
    • Facilitate and participate in IEP meetings, ensuring IEP decisions are being made in accordance with district and state policy
    • Develop and maintain relationships with staff, students, and parents
    • Consult with campus administration to identify ongoing needs


    Coaching & Training

    • As appropriate, IEP Specialists provide staff development training in assigned schools to assist school personnel in understanding of students with disabilities, IEPs and service delivery per SSSO Training direction.  This PD might include whole staff, select group, or side-by-side individual coaching, as needed.
    • Support and coach school based staff with implementation of IEP and related needs.
    • Consult with parents concerning the educational needs of their students and interpretation of IEPs and assessments.
    • Consult parents, teachers, administrators, and other relevant individuals to enhance their work with students.
    • Collaborate with SSS leadership and district staff  in continuously evaluating delivery of services and quality  of the student’s individual education programs, and initiate changes based on findings.

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