• April 17, 2020


    To: All GBSD Staff

    From: GBSD Deputy Superintendent James Hiu

    Title: Check-In on Absences


    GBSD Staff:

    As we finish up our first full week of distance learning for our students, on behalf of our district leadership team, I want to thank you for your hard work and continuing efforts to support our students and families.  While we know that there are still obstacles to overcome, we know you are doing your best to adapt to our new, temporary, reality in education.
    I wanted to reach out to reinforce that now, more than ever, it is important that you let your supervisor know if you are unable to work on any given day.  While you have your contractual leaves available to use, other than those which are long term, we are unable to hire substitutes to cover staff absences.  It may be necessary for your supervisor to come up with alternate ways to serve students in your absence.  It is also important that you continue to enter any absences that you need to take in Aesop, our absence management system. 
    While our COVID-19 plans include having staff work remotely whenever possible, it may be necessary for some staff to be asked to report to their building.  For Classified Staff, if you are in a position to only be able to work from home, please fill out the following Google Form indicating why you are only able to work at home,GBSD Classified Staff Work Declaration.  If you are unable to work at all are unable to work at all, due to COVID-19 reasons, it is important that you fill out the appropriate paperwork to request leave.  The necessary form can be found on our HR page on the district website, GBSD Emergency Paid Leave Request Form.  Take care and be well.
    James Hiu
    Deputy Superintendent/HR