• Negotiations Update

    September 23, 2021

    On September 22 teams from the Gresham-Barlow School District (GBSD) and the Gresham-Barlow Education Association (GBEA) began bargaining a new contract. Bargaining sessions are shown live on Zoom. The link for each session will be posted on the GBSD Negotiations Webpage.

    Throughout the bargaining process the District will communicate with members in an effort to provide an accurate and transparent account for members who cannot be in attendance or watch the livestream. Updates on negotiations sessions will be shared by email and posted on the Negotiations Webpage, which can be found in the Human Resources Department section of the district website. The District believes both parties have a duty to avoid inaccurate or misleading communications so that bargaining members and other stakeholders can trust the information being provided.

    GBSD’s Labor Negotiations Guiding Principles

    The school district focuses on its Labor Negotiations Guiding Principles as it negotiates its contract with the teachers union. These principles can be found on the GBSD Negotiations Webpage.


    The principles focus on:

    -Improving Learning Conditions

    -Being Financially Responsible

    -Maintaining Quality Communications 


    September 22 Session At a Glance

    The GBEA presented their initial proposal and rationale and members of the district’s team asked clarifying questions to better understand the proposal. 

    GBEA’s Initial Proposal (pdf)

    The teams set the agenda for the next session. At that session the District will present its initial proposal including salary and insurance. The district will also provide an overview of its current and forecasted financial position.

    The teams will work together to develop priorities and tasks for next steps in the negotiations process. 

    The next session will take place October 6, 2021 from 4:15 to 8 pm at North Gresham Elementary School. You can watch the session online via Zoom. The link to the negotiations session live stream will be posted on the GBSD Negotiations Webpage the day before the session.


    October 6 Agenda

    -GBSD presents its initial proposal including salary and insurance

    -GBSD presents an overview of its current and forecasted financial position

    -Teams determine next steps



    You can email your questions to: negotiations@gresham.k12.or.us