• Equity, Access, and Outcomes

    EQUITY, ACCESS, and OUTCOMES. Student Centered Support means that we provide a range of social, emotional, academic, and mental health services designed to meet the collective and individual needs of each and every student. Accomplishing this goal requires:                    SE
    - Centering our work around student and family needs 
    - Providing culturally responsive, equity embedded, social emotional professional learning for all staff                    
    - Building strong teams with our students and families at the school and district level
    Now more than ever, during Comprehensive Distance Learning, the mental health and social-emotional learning of our students and families is a central focus of our instruction and support.  To help our families understand how we are supporting their students and provide resources when a critical need occurs, we have provided a series of resources that show our approach. Each tier of resources shows a different level of support. 
    Tier 2: Groups of Students