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GBSD students can look forward to new menus and engaging cafeteria programs this fall

June 6, 2023

GBSD students can look forward to new menus and engaging cafeteria programs this fall

Chartwells K12 and GBSD partner to serve up happy and healthy meals in school cafeterias 

As Gresham-Barlow School District students ready for next school year, families can check lunch off theirStudent holding lunch tray with apple, greens, and wrap. list this fall as the district welcomes Chartwells K12 as the new food service provider beginning July 1, 2023. By serving food kids love to eat, offering innovative programs that encourage fun and discovery, and creating a place where students can connect and recharge with others, Chartwells K12 is dedicated to ensuring students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than when they came in.

“We are excited to welcome Chatwells K12 as our nutrition services provider,” said Superintendent James Hiu. “They focus on serving the best quality food and tailoring their menus to the tastes of our students.”

Over the course of the upcoming school year, Chartwells will be introducing new menu options, gathering student feedback, and making other changes to enhance the mealtime experience. Some of the things kids can look forward to when it comes to mealtime include new recipes, concepts, and programs.

Food Kids Love to Eat

Chartwells’ chefs and dietitians plan to introduce more variety to cafeteria menus featuring recipes with kid approved foods. New culinary concepts coming this fall include:

  • Revolution Noodle: Authentic broths are the foundation of this Asian noodle concept that features pho, ramen, and dim sum.
  • Mac & Cheesyology: Custom macaroni and cheese with a wide variety of flavors, toppings, and proteins to choose from.
  • Veg Out: Whether kids are vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, or plant-centric, Veg Out features great-tasting recipes and highlights the wide variety of plant-based options available.

Programs that encourage fun and discovery

Chartwells is inspiring healthy eating habits to spark a culinary curiosity to last a lifetime through fun and engaging programs.

  • Discovery Kitchen: Designed to make nutrition education fun and entertaining, Chartwells chefs and dietitians have worked together to create curriculums that get kids cooking, trying new foods, and learning about what they’re eating. Each month has a different theme and activities will be adapted for the current meal programs. For example, October is “Seed to Table” and December is “Spice it Up.”
  • Global Eats: Bringing a world of flavors to school cafeterias across the country, the program invites K-12 students on a global food exploration that celebrates cultural heritages, traveling first through China, India, Italy, and Mexico.
  • Student Choice: Giving middle and high school students a voice in deciding what food concepts are featured and new menu items that will be available, Student Choice brings the latest food trends to school menus.

Inviting Environments & Happy Cafeterias

Students need a place to eat where they can connect with others, recharge, and enjoy a sense of happiness. The cafeterias at Gresham-Barlow School District are getting a new look this year with a selection of design concepts created by the Chartwells team.

Gresham-Barlow is in good company with other school districts in the Pacific Northwest that partner with Chartwells K12 for their foodservice operations including North Clackamas School District, OR, Parkrose School District, OR, and many more.

About Gresham-Barlow School District 

The Gresham-Barlow School District serves families with students in grades K-12 and has a student population of more than 11,500. The district has 17 schools and a solid reputation for providing its students with a quality education. On Oregon’s Statewide Assessment, students compare favorably with those from other districts of similar socio-economic make-up. The district’s curriculum is designed to promote the basic skills and positive attitudes required for students to lead full and productive lives in the 21st century.

About Chartwells K12

Chartwells K12's goal is to make sure students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in, by serving food kids love to eat and creating custom dining programs. With more than 16,000 associates in 4,500 schools, ranging from large public institutions to small charter and private schools, Chartwells K12 is built on decades of food, education and operational experience driven by top culinary, nutrition, wellness, and sustainability talent. For more information, visit