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PE Uniforms


  1. Students are required to dress down for PE class in appropriate fitness attire.

  2. Shirts can be long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless but no tank tops or torn or altered shirts.

  3. Shorts must hang down to mid thigh.

  4. Athletic sweat pants, tights/yoga pants are acceptable. . Jeg-Jeans and joggers are not fitness attire.

  5. Non marking athletic shoes are required for P.E.  Hiking boots, all-purpose boots and sandals are not acceptable.

  6. GHS PE shirts and shorts can be purchased from the bookkeeper across from the attendance office. Bring receipt to your PE teacher.  No charges will be put on student accounts.

  7. Dangling jewelry must be removed prior to class.

  8. A swimsuit and towel will be required for the swimming units.

  9. Backpacks must be left in PE or hall locker and are not allowed to be brought to PE class.