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IB Exam Fees

Students only need to pay IB exam fees when they register for the exams. The GBSD will be subsidizing exam fees and registration.  

The cost to register will be $0, and each individual exam will be $100.

1 Exam = $100
2 Exams = $200
3 Exams = $300
4 Exams = $400
5 Exams = $500
6 Exams = $600

Students who are on Free/Reduced lunch will have their exams completely paid for by the State of Oregon and the Federal Government. All IB fees will be due to the bookkeeper by November 14th, unless special arrangements are made with Kathy Childress, IB coordinator. There are NO REFUNDS for IB exam and registration fees. Once you have registered you will be responsible for the remainder of the exam cost. All fees must be paid in order to graduate from GHS.