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Barlow Counseling

Welcome new students to Sam Barlow High School!  To enroll for the coming school year, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete registration and forecasting forms.
  • Complete the Oregon Certificate of Immunization Form.
  • A transcript is required for grades 10 – 12.
  • If your student is receiving IEP services, a copy of the IEP is required from your former school.
  • Provide “Proof of Residence” (example: utility bill, mortgage paperwork) to establish you live in Sam Barlow’s attendance area. 



How We Can Help

The Sam Barlow High School Counselors are pleased to assist students in the following ways:

Personal/Social Development

  • Offering support through personal challenges and tough times
  • Providing individual and/or group counseling that is confidential
  • Offering referrals for off-campus information and services
    Supporting your changes in attitude and behavior
  • Helping with family problems


Career Development

  • Making the most of your strengths
  • Providing information about life after high school.
  • Identifying career goals and learning how to achieve them
  • Guiding you toward training and education after high school

Academic Development

  • Picking the classes that work for you now and for your future
  • Giving ideas to earn the grade you want
  • Learning how to communicate with your teachers
  • Helping you stay on track towards graduation.