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Scrip - Fundraising without Selling anything

When is a fundraiser not a fundraiser?  
When it doesn't involve selling anything, and still makes money for your student to use.  In a nutshell, Scrip is purchasing face value gift cards, for items and shopping that you already do. Then, in partnership with the Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation, merchants return a portion of the sale back to the schools to use.  For Middle and High School, that reserve can be used for any fees at the school.  

If you've never purchased scrip gift cards before, you should give it a try.  It is the simplest way to raise money for activities at school; see the FAQ sheet for more information about how scrip can benefit your student, your classroom, and your school. See the new "ScripNow" feature available.

After checking out the FAQ, contact me for any questions about the program - Kris Howatt   

This is my 10th year as SCRIP coordinator, currently supporting Greshan High School, Clear Creek MS, and Highland Elementary.