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Open houses for East Gresham and North Gresham Elementary Schools

May 15, 2019

East Gresham Elementary Two Gresham-Barlow elementary schools to hold open houses to allow community to say goodbye

Replacement schools funded by the 2016 school bond to open in the fall

On May 28, East Gresham Elementary School and North Gresham Elementary School will hold open houses from 3:30 pm to 6 pm to allow the community to say goodbye to the original buildings. Thanks to the 2016 Gresham-Barlow bond, both school communities will be moving into new school buildings this fall.

Families and community members are invited to visit the original school buildings one last time before the move happens.

East Gresham Elementary School is located at 900 SE 5th Street and North Gresham Elementary School is located at 1001 SE 217th Avenue.

Both schools will have guided tours available.North Gresham Elementary School

More information about school bond projects can be found at