Swim Lessons

At this time we are not offering swim lessons.  Please check back for updates regarding fall swim lessons. Updated 6/24/22

Gresham High School believes that all children need to learn water safety skills. We proudly teach World Safe Swimming, a program that teaches practical water safety skills in combination with official swim strokes. There are 5 classes offered this summer that walk children through 10 swim levels. Once a child passes all 10 levels they are encouraged to join the pre-competitive swim team (information above). 

Price: $60/month (8 lessons)


Toddler Swim Lessons:

  • Monday/Wednesday 5-5:30pm
  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6pm

For beginners ages 3-6 years old. These lessons focus on children’s comfort level in and around the pool. Children learn about the flow of water and become familiar with how the water pushes and pulls their body. Children are also introduced to floats and beginning strokes.


  • Monday/Wednesday 5-5:30pm
  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6pm

Dryheads are kids who are new to swim lessons and may be uncomfortable with their face in the water. This class establishes competency in entering and existing the water, blowing bubbles in the water, and floating independently. Children are introduced to back floats and kicking techniques. Ages 6+


  • Monday/Wednesday 5-5:30pm
  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6pm

After becoming comfortable with blowing bubbles and floating on their own, children become wetheads. These classes focus on streamline glides and back resting stroke. Children practice freestyle and backstroke arms as well as flutter and breaststroke kicks. Ages 6+

Advanced Wetheads:

  • Monday/Wednesday 5-5:30pm
  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6pm

Similar to the wethead class, students focus on freestyle and backstroke skills. This class swims half to full widths of the pool to build endurance and build skill mastery. Ages 6+


  • Monday/Wednesday 5-5:30pm
  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6pm

Swimmers are confident with their freestyle and backstroke. The classes focus on side breathing, breastroke and butterfly strokes, and dives. Children are introduced to the deep end and begin to swim full pool widths. Swim team etiquette is taught to prepare children for a transition to the pre-competitive team. Ages 6+

Adult Swim Lessons:

  • Not currently available*

*If there is enough interest we can schedule these lessons for 6pm. Please contact Caitlin with inquires. 

Adult swim lessons are for those that are 18 years old and older. All skill levels welcome. These lessons cover both beginner and advanced swimming skills. The curriculum develops swim strokes and refines technique. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are no longer suspended, there is a waiting list you will be placed on. We cannot guarantee you will get the lessons right away given our limited staff.

Private lessons are great for kids that are uncomfortable in the water and desire one-on-one attention. These lessons also provide older swimmers with the opportunity to focus on technique with skilled instructors. Semi-private lessons allow additional group lessons outside of regularly scheduled times. See fee schedule below:

  • 1 student @ 30 minutes costs $15 
  • 2 students @ 30 minutes costs $25
  • 3 students @ 30 minutes costs $35
  • 4 students @ 30 minutes costs $40 
  • 1 student @ 45 minutes costs $20 
  • 2 students @ 45 minutes costs $36
  • 3 students @ 45 minutes costs $48 
  • 4 students @ 45 minutes costs $60