ODS Kit Pick-Up

Hello 6th grade families! As we do every year, all 6th grade students get some form of Outdoor School curriculum. This year, Outdoor School is virtual. The Outdoor School Anywhere instructors will be meeting with student groups through Ms. Kirkham’s science classes for 6 different days of lessons.

Whether your student has science this semester or next, they will need to collect an Outdoor School kit that Outdoor School has made for each student! These kits are to be used for outdoor school only, something which all students will be made aware of.


Here's what where and when you can grab your 6th Grade Outdoor School Anywhere kit:

Where- Dexter McCarty Middle School. Drive into the parking lot, stay in your car, and we will get your kit to you!


When- Thursday, January 14th from 4:00 pm - 7:00pm AND Friday, January 15th from 7:30 am - 11:30 am