8th Grade Reverse Parade


We want to celebrate our 8th graders. Unfortunately, we are unable to have our traditional 8th grade celebration, so we have come up with a safe way to say goodbye and recognize our students. On Monday June 14th, from 4-7pm we will be conducting a reverse parade. We ask you to plan on driving through the Gordon Russell’s Parking Lot. 

There will be a 3 hour window for you to drive through the 8th Grade Celebration Reverse Parade (by last name);

  • 4:00-5:00 (A-G preferred) 
  • 5:00-6:00 (H-M preferred) 
  • 6:00-7:00 (N-Z preferred). 

This is to help manage the number of students/cars on the property at one time. If you cannot come during your window, please come at a time that works for you and your family. 

Here is the plan; we ask you to plan on driving through the Gordon Russell’s parking lot in reverse (please find the map at the end of this TTH).  Staff will line the exit at a distance and celebrate our 8th grade students. By the front doors of the school, cars will stop and each student will receive a congratulations packet. Each packet will include a certificate and/or awards, a gift from our PTC (swag bag) and the school. It is encouraged that people drive in one car, however families may walk, making sure to adhere to social distancing rules. 

The purpose of the event is to provide a sense of closure for the school year, wave goodbye to their teachers, and acknowledge their efforts as they embark on the next step on their path to graduation. 

We will be offering many different awards;

  • Student Certificate (every student)
  • GPA 3.5 or better, 4.0
  • Program Awards (Music, Art, P.E., etc.)

Please note *If you are unable to attend in person, you can pick it up in-person Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8-4 the same week. 

Reverse Parade Map