FREE Summer School / Credit Recovery & Incomplete Recovery Program

FREE Summer School / Credit Recovery & Incomplete Recovery Program

Gresham-Barlow School District’s Summer 2020 Incompletes/Credit Recovery Program is for seniors in need of credits to graduate by August 31, 2020 as well as students in grades 9-11 with incompletes and/or needing credit recovery.

Communication June 15-19

Students and families will receive letters and phone calls about the number of incompletes their student has. Students can then sign-up for incomplete recovery sessions here: 

Incomplete Plan Form 


Credit Recovery Form

The programs have two sessions and students may sign up for one or both sessions.

Incomplete/Credit Recovery Program Windows

Window 1) June 22 - July 10

Window 2) July 20 - August 7


Students will have a choice to do one or both of the following formats: a) On-line via distance learning and b) Small group in-person supports up to 2 x per week at 2 hours each time (less than 10 students with designated times and spaces) depending on their needs and comfort level. The location for small group, in-person support for Gresham High School and REY students will be the Center for Advanced Learning(CAL).


When students sign up for credit recovery or incomplete recovery, they will be offered the opportunity to check out a device and a hot spot.