Athletics Info & Schedules

Athletics Info & Schedules!

Season 3 Sports Schedules - Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, & Water Polo

Weekly Practice Schedule for April 12-17

For signing up for other "off season" sports Workouts, fill out this form:

Season 3 Off-Season Workout Signups (these workouts go thru May 23)

In order to particpate in sports (offseason or regular season) each student must complete the following forms:

Barlow Athletic and Activities Registration Form

Signed copies of these two forms need to be brought to your first workout (then these are good for all future workouts this year):

GBSD Parent/Student Practice Guidlines (parent & student sign)

     SPANISH GBSD Parent/Student Practice Guidelines (parent & student sign)


GBSD Waiver of Liability for COVID-19 for Student (parent & student sign)

     SPANISH GBSD Waiver of Liability for COVID-19 for Student (parent & student sign)

As part of the athletics registration process, you must have a valid physical on file. These are good for two years, so most sophomores and seniors who participated last year should already have one on file. All incoming freshmen and most juniors will need to get a physical using the OSAA Physical Form and submit that to the athletics office. Please email a completed physical form to