Updated student locker pick-up


Student Locker  Pick-up

On Thursday, May 28 from 2- 4 PM, all students and their families who missed the pick-up days last week will be able to pick up any student items that were left in students’ lockers. All of the school lockers have been cleaned out and items have been placed into shopping bags for easy pick up. If students have any textbooks, library books or classroom books at home, please bring these back to school when you come to pick up your students’ belongings. Drop-off bins for these materials will be available.

If anyone retrieved another student’s materials when you came last week, those things can also be dropped off at school.

We  will operate the student belongings return process like a drive-through line at a fast-food restaurant. Parents will pull into the parking lot in front of the school (near the flagpole), then follow signs and staff directions to pull through the pick-up line. 

At the Check-in Station #1 you’ll let staff know the name(s) of the students you are retrieving items for, then pull forward to a pick-up zone. 

At Station #2 a staff member will bring the bag of student belongings to the pick-up zone. The staff member will set the bag next to your car and step away. You may then retrieve the bag. If you have medications to pick up, these will also be available for pick-up. Please make sure to see Ms. Lacey to complete the required form for medications.

At Station #3, after retrieving your belongings, students should check to make sure that they return any school property including library books that may still be in a student’s bag or binder. A drop-off bin will be available for any articles that need to be returned. Here you can also drop off other student belongings that were picked up last week by mistake.

Cars will then exit onto Short Road on the west side of the building. 

See the map on the page below for traffic directions.